Monday, August 11, 2014

Hurrah for the Kurds

Hurrah for the Kurds. The only indigenous force in Iraq that didn't turn tail and run in the face of ISIS. Let's not let the brave Kurds down. Let us help them fight for their lives. Let us fight beside them to eliminate ISIS for good and all. Let's not leave them hanging like they did after the Kuwait invasion. We should arm them. The Kurds are probably the one group we can trust the most. They have stuck with us from the get-go. We shouldn't turn our backs on them, or any of the civilians under threat from radicals like ISIS. That includes that group in Africa, Boko Haram. They need to be eliminated just as much as any of the others. If there is something we can do to cause their extinction, we need to be doing it.

American relationship with Iraqi Kurds long, complicated

Steve Kornacki traces the history of the U.S. relationship with Iraqi Kurds, from the failure to deliver support to an anti-Saddam Hussein uprising during George H.W. Bush administration to President Obama’s humanitarian airdrops and targeted military strikes against ISIS.

I don't voice my opinion on the religious aspects much because I'm an atheist with a lot of friends who believe. We respect each other. I've still got an opinion, so here is an atheist take on it. One thing that really makes things hard is all the factions within all the religious groups. ISIS shows how problematic this can be. There are millions of people who are Muslims. Just the same as all other religions, their are different interpretations of their holy book, and that has caused factions. Now one of the radical factions, who have taken a barbaric interpretation of the Koran have gone amok. That makes it really hard on everyone else. Everyone wants to eliminate them. Jews, Christians, Muslims, Atheists and most others agree. ISIS can't be allowed to exist.

Shedding light on the aspirations of ISIS

Al Arabiya’s Hisham Melhem joins via phone to discuss the aspirations of terror organization ISIS, and the threat the group poses against Kurds and U.S. interests in Iraq.

ISIS, claiming the Islamic faith, have made it bad on the people they are terrorizing, killing, raping and enslaving. They have indirectly made it bad on the other people who have the Islamic faith too. Idiots take it like all Muslims want to behead the infidels. That just isn't the case. The vast majority of people on the planet just want to make a living, raise their families, and be left alone so they can peacefully live their lives.

Now we have attacked the ISIS with bombs. They took down the hated black flags off their trucks. As the good Humans fight to rid our world of the pathogens named ISIS, they may try to meld into the populace. That will make things harder, and still very dangerous for the average person there. They will have mass murderers mixed in with their people. It may sound like a witch hunt, but the people need to keep their eyes open. They need to point their finger so all of them can be rooted out, and dealt with. They are dangerous criminals who will retaliate against people for turning them in. That is where things become hard. No one wants their family singled out for elimination, but that is exactly what can happen with the ISIS group. It is scary as hell. This situation will call for supreme bravery and courage, not only from us, but from the good people of Iraq who wish to finally live in peace.

You seen the bad Humans burning their passports as a sign of allegiance to death and insanity. Not all of them traitors are doing that, I wager. Some of them are still here, some of them are still there. They will meld into the crowd and use their passports to gain access to places people are peacefully living. They will cause mayhem here and there as long as they are allowed to exist. They have vocally threatened us all, and acted on it.

So everyone who isn't, and/or is a Muslim, or anyone else for that matter, can help out in attitude. Don't look at people like ISIS as Muslims, or representing Islam. They are something dedicated to evil and thus are accursed. To borrow an expression, ISIS and their like are an abomination to Humanity. Look at them in the same light you would the Nazis, Khmer Rouge, The Inquisition, or any twisted ideology that promotes its existence through threat of death or violence. Look at them in the same light you would anything that forcefully threatens the peaceful existence and advancement of Humanity. Look at them as a pathogen who's elimination is imperative, peremptory. Nothing more, nothing less.

Right now as you read this, some person stood up for what they believe in, and got their head cut off for it. Now their body lays in the street, and their head on a pole.