Wednesday, August 27, 2014

300 Americans fighting Along Side Islamic State, posing threat to U.S.

I wonder how many, if any, Mexican nationals or South American people have been radicalized and signed on with ISIL?

I remember seeing gross pictures of headless bodies, and their heads scattered about on the Mexican/US border. The drug cartels was said to have done it. There have been reports of armed smugglers crossing into Arizona.

I think our congress and president need to beef up our southern border even more. I don't want to see a roving mass of drug smugglers turned Islamic extremist riding across our southern border, into a small town or reservation in New Mexico, Arizona, Texas or California. I know our forces could mop up any such incursion, but there would still be the damage imposed.

Intel believes 300 Americans fighting with Islamic State, posing threat to U.S.

Photo by: Uncredited
A convoy of vehicles and militant fighters move through Iraq's Anbar Province. The U.S. government is tracking and gathering intelligence on as many as 300 Americans who are fighting side-by-side with the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria and are poised to become a major threat to the homeland, according to senior U.S. officials. (Associated Press)

This may sound like an extremely unlikely scenario, but the commander of our armed forces said we need to take a cold hard look at the situation. No point in leaving things to chance. With nut jobs like the Islamic State you just can't leave out any options. Unfortunately, everything has to be on the table.

We already have this estimated 300 American traitors fighting along side the enemy. I'm sure there are many more who have gone bonkers and become turncoats. I wouldn't doubt it if there are cells here right now. This ISIL has had many years to work on it. They were fighting in Syria long before crossing the border.

The president should take this threat seriously, as he already does. I want him to call back congress from their break, and get down to the business of exterminating the Islamic State.