Friday, July 21, 2017

An Undercurrent of Religious Fueled Hatred in our Nation

Remember that time the bakery didn't want to make a cake for a same sex couple? What would a real god (not possible) do?

There are people who believes that myths are real. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. What if there really is a god? Two men get married, and a bakery provides services because the law said they must. Then they all die and go before the god. The god throws the two men who expressed love into a pit of fire and brimstone, while allowing the bakery owners to stay in heaven despite their hating of persons. Give me a break! How freaking stupid is that notion? Only people who believe in myths can invent such convoluted bull crap.

I'll be quite honest with you. I personally don't want to marry the same sex as me, but could give a rats ass if anyone else does. Adam & Steve getting married has just as much effect on me as if Adam and Eve got married. Which is zero effect. That's right! No effect on me whatsoever.

I'll be quite honest with you on something else. There are a such a thing as militant atheists. I am not one of them, but have heard them say that Christianity, and all other religion, needs to be removed from humanity by whatever means. That includes extreme violence. I agree with them except for the violence part. I would rather people come around to reason by way of knowledge.

So what does a person like the young fool in the video prove? It proves that there is an undercurrent of religious fueled hatred in our nation. You can find many persons who embrace that reside within the Republican/Tea Party. This undercurrent of hate needs to be rejected with all vigor by all persons of reason.