Saturday, May 13, 2017

Keep Pensions & Have Medicare for All Think Bigger Than You Ever Imagined!

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, if we can bail them out to the tune of $16 trillion we can also provide 34 million jobs building the 21st Century infrastructure that will carry Humanity onward to the 22nd Century and cause a golden era for all people.

The $16 trillion was enough money to fund 91 Apollo scale projects from start to finish and at the same time. Who among us can doubt that a national priority effort, 91 Apollo projects combined in size, would be enough to push humanity to colonize the moon and Mars, plus start mining the multi trillion trillion dollar asteroids we know exist?

During your presidential campaign you said "Thank Big!" and I took that as a challenge. If we truly want Medicare for all, jobs and education for all and keep the promises of pensions we must do the bold things that will cause that to happen. Same old will not cut it.

We need elbow room, and new territory to settle, which will bring new opportunity for our people as it did in the past. We can not continue to grow our civilization and our numbers on this finite planet. We have got to expand outward. Now is the time.

Be bold like I thought you were. Be the true leader I thought you were. "Thing Big!" and I mean really big because what we're doing now isn't big enough to carry us through and save the planet.

 The Keep Our Pension Promises Act