Friday, February 3, 2017

We Must Have Uniform Party Rules and Election Laws

Some Democrats believe that Bernie Sanders "should never have been allowed to run for the democratic party nomination". I disagree with that notion. Any person who registers with a political party has a right to run for any government office or party position from day one, and that should never be disallowed. If the voters don't want them, they will not vote for them. It should never be up to party officials to dictate who may or may not run for a post. That should be left up to the people the party serves.
Which brings up a point about how the political parties are run. After every election the parties rules committees meet and tweek their rules in an effort to gain advantage over the other. They gerrymander using positions of power gained and scheme trying their best to either maintain an advantage or create advantage over the other parties. In the end it is the voter who really loses out.
I understand the people's anxieties about the election process. The process doesn't serve them very well, so why should they get all excited about it? The process is rigged from the start. No wonder too. The same criminal politicians who are funded by rogue corporations are the same people who write the rules of the game.
One major reason, other than gaining advantage over the opposing political parties, is to keep the voter from gaining any political power in the party. They must only be allowed to vote for the candidate of the parties choice, nothing more.
The Democratic Party failed the people when they tried to shove Clinton down people's throats, and lost the whole thing because of it. I seen the shoving down our throats and scheming when I was a delegate in the Democratic Party of New Mexico. So that's what happens when a political party does not heed the wishes of the people. People stay home and don't vote, or they break ranks and vote outside their party because of apathy, mistrust, anger or other things that indicate a basic lack of trust in our democratic system.
There is only one thing that will restore trust in our system. We must dismantle that system, and replace it with one that serves the people and not just industry, corporations and the wealthy elite. The way to do that is to take away the power to make party rules from the political parties. Take away the power from the states to make election laws. Turn over these powers over to the federal government, namely the Federal Election Commission.
The states and the political parties have proven they can not be trusted with these vital functions. Time and again their malfeasance has shown through in spectacular fashion, and to the detriment of the avarage citizen. Allow the FEC the power to enforce uniform party rules and uniform election laws. Throw out the various party rule books, and replace them all with one rule book that all parties must follow. Disallow the states making election laws, and have uniform election laws that all states must follow. That is the only way to restore faith in the system. There was a time when the avarage citizen wasn't even allowed to vote for the president at all. The political parties have tried to keep it that way through all the scheming.
There is precedence for such actions as taking away the power of these parties and the states. Up until recently all former Confederate States had to have all election laws reviewed before they were instituted to insure they did not violate the Constitution. Once that provision was thrown out, malfeasance became rampant. Vote tampering, suppression and other tactics designed to give power over to some at the expense of others became the new norm, or should I say the old way restored. So people stayed home.
Our nation's people should void these party rule books in favor of one designed to be uniform across all parties, and that book must truly be one that hands all power over to the masses. Then our people will have power over the parties, and not the other way around. "People before Party" should be the new norm. The people should rule the parties, and not the other way around.