Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I met some homeless fellows yesterday. One was standing on a corner with a little sign. I gave him two rolls of pennies, and told him of Bernie Sanders. When I mentioned bringing jobs back from China he exploded, "That's why I'm on the street! They shut down and moved my job to Mexico."

I hear that over and again. People on the street telling me that they had a job until it got moved to some foreign land. Now Boeing wants to move more of our jobs away.

Boeing wants to build wide body aircraft in China. That is a losing proposition. It takes jobs that Americans need to China, and it helps teach them how to build wide body aircraft.

Boeing and Airbus are the two who stand at the head of the line when it comes to wide body passenger jets. Boeing leads the pack. Their decision to build aircraft in China transfers that technology to China as well. Then after a while they will be competing with Boeing and Airbus in the wide body market.

Boeing doesn't need China to help build aircraft. We have plenty of human resources and facilities right here in America for that. Our people are just as capable as any peoples across our planet, and are up to the task. Our country is bleeding jobs like a cut jugular, and the homeless I meet on the street are the proof of it.

So don't even give a homeless person a dirty look. How anyone could even dare? The GOP dares, and they help cause their suffering! Then to top it off, they blame the poor for it. For shame on Boeing and the people who make this happen. How f***ing dare they give a dirty look at a homeless person.

I want this job loss to stop and be reversed, damn them! I'm sick and tired of seeing my brothers and sisters suffer, while big fat pigs eat enough for a thousand. They make me want to puke.

That is all the more reason for me to support people like Bernie Sanders. We are going to change this messed up situation, so help me. So help you.