Monday, August 31, 2015

Bernie Sanders and our Political Revolution is Only the Start


Our times will go down in history as pivotal. We can go one way or the other. We have a choice to make, and time is running out.

What's it going to be, the self centered, Plutocratic, hedonism that is the billionaire class, or will liberty and democracy reign supreme? Will our nation vote themselves into slavery, or will enlightened thought permeate our society and bring on a golden era?

So far, with our Man Bernie Sanders, I think we have a darn good chance to turn our civilization away from the brink. He is an integral part of a revolutionary surge. We the people are the fuel that powers that surge while Bernie is the rally point, and inspiration. As we have said before, we have got to take this revolution to city hall, county seat, governor's office and on and on to the top. It will not due to only win the presidency. We have got to take all levels of government, state and federal.

 Still not even that is enough! We the people have got to take measures to insure that corrupt politicians, greedy plutocrats and Wall Street criminals can never gain power or damage our civilization ever again. We also need to take measures to insure that corp-media broadcasting information is held to the highest standard of reliability and truth. No more of this allowing so-called news networks purposefully filling the public bandwidth with fabrications designed solely to influence the public's vote.

In addition to the aforementioned, we the people must endeavor to influence the people of other nations to also take power away from corrupt political groups and other criminal entities just like we are doing here in the United States. We have a world economy, and all of it is infected with criminal elements, and corruption. In order to make certain that our economy and nation is secure, we need to have a secure world.

Indeed we can not revolt against the status quo, and have revolutionary change without considering how to maintain the new world order. We must not win our cause only to allow our progeny to lose it over again through our shortsightedness. Surely we will not be able to foresee all things that may come up in the future, but we can through logic and reason strengthen our Constitution to disallow our present folly.

Some people may see the words "new world order" and object. I understand because that is the same as they do with the word "socialism". The corrupt political forces have done a good job of demonizing these two ideals. Mostly they've done it with lies, spreading propaganda not with the greater good in mind, but rather with seizing ever more power as the primary motive.

The ideas behind "democratic socialism" and a "new world order" are not evil. We really do need a new world order because the one we have now is driving our species into extinction. Our species, and all the other life forms on this planet, can not much longer endure human business as usual. We need drastic change,and we need it now!

I cheer the political revolution, and all the enlightened persons who are behind it. (y) I look forward to the future, and advanced human culture.