Saturday, July 25, 2015

Protect our Constitution From Ted Cruz & House Republicans


The human name Ted Cruz is acting in ways that are not in line with the best interests of the American people, and he must be stopped. Check it out!

Senate holds hearings into how to change the Constitution to circumvent Supreme Court

"So conservatives in the Senate are now engaged in explorations as to how to change America's founding document in order to enforce social conservative morals, in addition to the already-understood rigorous corporatism, regardless of whether America's top courts find those things lawful or not. Ted Cruz would make an awfully fine leader, would he not? He could really bring Republicanism out of its Weimarian doldrums and into a new reich."

Ted Cruz wants to change the constitution in order to get his way, or rather to shove his ways down your throat. This isn't the first time he has suggested things that are so far right radical it causes me to label him "dangerous". He has also suggested people use their 2nd Amendment rights to defend themselves against an over bearing government. That government being lead by a black man named Obama, who's policies Cruz has vowed to fight at every turn.

This shows what the Republican think our government is for. It is like snatching the sheets off, and discovering something ugly under there. The Republicans use the government as a legal means to corrupt, greedy ends. More often than not, when a Republican puts in a bill to the congress or senate, it is about making lawful some activity that would normally be frowned upon. Things like drilling for oil in environmentally sensitive areas, when we know the area could be forever ruined. Another example is using the legal process to allow Wall Street to gamble with the money you deposit in your checking or saving account, and if they lose the money, the tax payer gets to foot the bill. You can find example after example of laws designed to allow either the polluting of our environment, the stealing of your money, the allowing of discrimination, the mixing of religion & government or some other unworthy thing. All of it brought to you by persons in government who believe that government is a tool for corporation's, or religion's exclusive use.

Now one of the parts of the tool doesn't want to work like the Republican's think it should. SCOTUS didn't agree with Ted Cruz and his despotic buddies. They didn't tow the line. So change the rules. EPA bothering you with pesky environmental rules? Disband the EPA. Laws were made in Washington that you don't agree with? Use your 2nd Amendment rights to defy the law. Voters in an area are not in your favor? Gerrymander the area until they are. All these things, and more are the dastardly methods of the despicable Republican party.

The Ted Cruz and the Republicans cry about the Constitution not being followed, HYPOCRITES! They don't give a damn about the Constitution, except as a legal tool for the allowing of unsavory acts. Acts that intrude onto your human rights, and shift wealth from the many to the few.

Ted Cruz Campaign Speech

If anything needs to be changed in the constitution it is the words dealing with the Speaker of the House of Representatives. John Boehner has proven that the Speaker has way to much power.

"As presiding office of the House of Representatives, the Speaker holds a variety of powers over the House and is the highest-ranking legislative official in the US government. The Constitution does not spell out the political role of the Speaker. Tradition has molded the position into what it is today. The Speaker in the United States, by tradition, is the head of the majority party in the House of Representatives, outranking the Majority Leader. However, despite having the right to vote, the Speaker usually does not participate in debate and rarely votes.

The Speaker is responsible for ensuring that the House passes legislation supported by the majority party. In pursuing this goal, the Speaker may use his or her power to determine when each bill reaches the floor. They also chair the majority party's steering committee in the House. The Speaker is tasked with pushing through the agenda of the majority party, often at the expense of the minority opposition. As the highest-ranking member of the opposition party (and in effect a de facto Leader of the Opposition), the Speaker is normally the chief public opponent of the President's agenda. In this scenario, the Speaker is known for undercutting the President's agenda by blocking measures by the minority party or rejecting bills by the Senate

The Speaker's powers and duties extend beyond presiding in the chamber. In particular, the Speaker has great influence over the committee process. The Speaker selects nine of the thirteen members of the powerful Committee on Rules, subject to the approval of the entire majority party. The leadership of the minority party chooses the remaining four members. Furthermore, the Speaker appoints all members of select committees and conference committees. Moreover, when a bill is introduced, the Speaker determines which committee will consider it.

Because joint sessions and joint meetings of Congress are held in the House chamber, the Speaker presides over all such joint sessions and meetings. The Speaker is also responsible for overseeing the officers of the House: the Clerk, the Sergeant-at-Arms, the Chief Administrative Officer, and the Chaplain. The Speaker can dismiss any of these officers. The Speaker appoints the House Historian and the General Counsel and, jointly with the Majority and Minority Leaders, appoints the House Inspector General.

This list of duties and the method employed to carry them out is a receipt for governments grinding to a halt. It is also a betrayal of trust to the American people. Even though a Republican should try to advance their cause, they still have to represent the whole of the electorate. A partisan Speaker of the House is incapable of that. The rabble get the Speakers ear, then the Speaker stubbornly tows a line even if it threatens the stability of the entire system.

Given such awesome powers as held by the Speaker of the House, I think we should of learned a lesson from the last few years. That lesson being, a partisan Speaker of the House is a bad idea. We should embrace the notion that our Speaker of the House of Representatives should be strictly non-partisan. The person chosen should renounce all allegiances to any party, and instead focus on the people's business in the House. That should be their over riding concern, the smooth functioning of the House of Representatives. Our nation needs to implement a Westminster Style Speaker of the House.

"Non-partisanship: The Speaker, by convention, severs all ties with his or her political party, as it is considered essential that the Speaker be seen as an impartial presiding officer"
If our nation had a Speaker of the House that were non-partisan, we wouldn't have to suffer threats of government shutdown born of political party infighting. The People of the United States deserve better than that. The people expect better performance from their elected officials. The people are disturbed by the wasting of billions of tax payer dollars on setting up programs, only to disband the program later because of political rivalry. The people are the ones most effected by government malfunction. The people are the ones the elected must answer to. The people see a major flaw in our political system, and desire to remedy that flaw. It would take nothing less than a Constitutional Amendment to get the job done. Still it must be done."

"This is an out rage. Every citizen should get angry over this power grab. They have the gall to call Obama Imperial President. Boo! Boo! Hiss! SHAME ON THEM!

The Speaker of the House partisan roll is the #1 reason we have such a problem. I call on our nation to adopt a Westminster Style Speaker of the House, making that position strictly a non-partisan seat. I believe this would solve a lot of problems with our broken House of Representatives."

Protect our Constitution from people like Ted Cruz, John Boehner and the Republican/Tea Party who would use it to shove their corporatism/religion down your throat.